Summit Global Supplies is a company with a dynamic commercial profile constantly operating on a global scale, dedicating its own services to the direct and indirect supplies of different materials and industrial products in compliance with the specifications provided by the Client for various applications, particularly from the OIL&GAS, petrochemical sector, thru power generation, up to steel and fertilizers industry, etc.

The creation of Summit Global Supplies represents the willingness of its holding to be prepared to assist the energy marketplace with well over ten years of dedicated commercial background, consolidated under previous responsibilities on behalf of the most known OEMs supplying reciprocating and centrifugal equipment to those countries gaining a more and more important role in the production and marketing of energy products.








The complete support either technical and commercial which has been guaranteed to each single Client right from the foundation of Summit Global Supplies is reconfirmed through the outstanding passion and dedication of its holding, with the aim to reward the least ordinary requirements in order to satisfy the most exceptional request of supply, fully in accordance to the principle of Global Quality.

The widespread and frequent difficulties encountered by the Client when is not able to get certain components or spare parts, either for general or specific applications, so often due to the fact that the original supplier can not be easily identified because did probably merge with other vendors, or as being absent for years from the marketplace under any of its commercial operations, or sometimes because has got no local presence as a result of its corporate policy, do all represent the main reasons why the Summit Global Supplies was created, to be the single source solution to the above.

Summit Global Supplies has also got the objective to assist the Client through the search and selection of valuable alternative supplies, to deliver higher quality products at more competitive pricing levels if compared to the normal supply chain, and therefore to offer the opportunity to be able to select and evaluate innovative and implemented solutions thanks to a wider spectrum of potential options either from the technical and commercial viewpoint, so that the Client is the first entity who can benefit.